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Latest blog post!
One of the key factors for success in the martial arts is consistent training

One of the key factors for success in the martial arts is consistent training

Adult self defense members join for a wide range of reasons. Some seek a mindfulness and depth of focus that will contribute positively to their everyday lives. Others are looking for a new activity that is perhaps more exciting than going to the gym. Some have never taken any martial arts classes before and don’t even know how to throw a punch. Others come to the dojo with extensive experience in other arts, but are still seeking something different.



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While each person’s path is unique, with a different pace set by one’s individual capabilities, the pattern is generally similar. Everyone starts with Adult self defense Basic Ninpo Taijutsu (our self-defense martial arts method) in order to develop a solid foundation upon which to build an introduction to each of the elements and energies of the system of martial arts and self-defense.

We are always mindful of the safety of our students. All techniques are learned and practiced with safety foremost in mind. Adult self defense focus on skill-building rather than on fear and worry that they might get injured. We use pads, mats, and body dynamics to keep everyone safe during training. If you have any physical limitations, we are happy to work with you to find the right balance and scaling option that will still allow you to progress and grow in this exciting martial art.

We promote peaceful solutions to conflicts and learn to redirect potential conflicts entirely. Through an understanding of how people’s intentions manifest int heir bodies, we can manipulate potentially hostile encounters and change them into peaceful interactions.

If a physical conflict does arise, we will teach you skills that will enable you to shut down the aggression while keeping your body safe. We consider a successful resolution to a threat to be when you have returned home, safe and sound.

We also learn more deeply about ourselves; how to be peaceful and confident in our daily lives. This then allows us to be more positive and peaceful within our community.

The belt system at the Boston Martial Arts Center is used as a marker of progress and as a method of structuring the vast content of the system. It also helps us help you set goals for your advancement. Progress through the system is entirely non-competitive. The community of teachers and fellow students are here to help and support each other.

Free Introductory Class

Want to try out our martial arts? We offer a free introductory martial arts class. Everyone is welcome! If you would like to try out a class, please fill out the contact form below so we can make sure a spot is set aside just for you. Call (617)789-5524

Boston Martial Arts Center

Boston Martial Arts Center

Martial Arts class for Kids in Boston. Over twenty-five years of teaching and mentoring kids and young people in the martial arts, we feel many life skills can be learned at the dojo. Our thoughtful teachers model focus, communication, confidence and mutual respect. Our carefully constructed and tested physical curriculum provides a balance between strength and stretching, structure and flexibility, and supports growth and individual learning styles. To learn more about our classes for young people, call (617)789-5524 Today!


 Sign up for class today by calling (617)789-5524 or Full in the form below and we will set a time so you can try a free lesson:


Beginning Martial Arts

Boston Martial Arts Center
Beginning Martial Arts

This is a Six Month Beginner Martial Arts Program which will serve as an introduction to Self-Defense as well as lessons in Mindfulness. It is geared towards the understanding of martial arts and its movements. Students will learn natural Self-Defense, The Fundamental building blocks of Self-Defense. This is an excellent program for someone who has never tried martial arts before or would like a fresh start again.

Not in shape? Not a problem! Our Beginning Martial Arts classes are geared for people from all walks of life, for any level of fitness.

Need more information to decide if martial arts is right for you? Read our introduction to martial arts article.

Free Introductory Self-Defense Class Today!

Want to try out martial arts? We offer a free introductory class. We’ll go over a few basic self-defense movement skills, and get in a great workout! Everyone is welcome. If you would like to try out our Introductory Class, please fill out the registration or Call Today (617)789-5524

 Sign up for class today by calling (617)789-5524 or Full in the form below and we will set a time so you can try a free lesson:

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Back to School Kids' Class Special

Back to School Kids Class Special

2 months ago

Boston Martial Arts Center

Spring time represents new beginnings in nature, the way that fall represents new beginnings (due to school schedules, etc.) in our society. This image of new beginnings was taken nearby, by the Charles River. ... See MoreSee Less

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