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A lesson I learned a long time ago is that; it is not necessary to collect many techniques to stay safe with the martial arts. What is necessary is taking your time to explore, depth within the arts. One simple movement could provide the answer to many problems. Furthermore, a drill could free up your movement so that you have the necessary body skills to be able to function within a dangerous and changing environment.

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We will be looking at the foundation arts of Ninpo Taijutsu:

Day One:
The body and mind work every day interacting within the environment. This is a natural interaction that can also be used to create a strong personal defense. We will be looking at these tools, what constitutes them, and the relation that they have to the changing environment. Change can occur suddenly in the world, we will be exploring this concept.

Day Two:
During day two we will be exploring fight scenarios and body movement. We will be working with furthering our skills through drills and relating them to real time application as well as our understanding of Ninpo Taijutsu. We will be using old school Ninpo Taijutsu kata: (Gyokko ryu, Koto ryu and Kukishinden ryu) as a reference tool to build modern practical martial art skills for today’s changing environment.

Day Three:
The use of martial arts weapons training is critical to the growth of a martial arts student. The proper use and understanding of the interaction of the mind and body coupled with the correct training tools (martial arts weapons) can greatly increase the students martial ability, agility, growth and understanding of Ninpo Taijutsu.

Mark Davis

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