Self-Defense and old habits

by | Sep 23, 2013

Boston Martial Arts Center

Boston Martial Arts Center

We live in a great system which provides us with several layers of structure and security. For example we have fresh water, stores for food and police to keep us safe. Very early in life we begin to form habits and ways of living that fit into these structures. Our very intuition, habits and reactions change to fit into these norms. Some martial arts systems teach students to break these old habits and replace them with something that may be helpful in situations which involve a great deal of stress. For example when I was training with Mr. Hayes at his dojo we were working on old school jujutsu Takagi Yoshin-ryu jutaijutsu.  Mr. Hayes mentioned using the attacker’s energy against them to keep them from using your energy. When I went to see how this worked I noticed that each time I tried to grab Mr. Hayes my center was off and he was in a very good position to counter my attack.

Mark Davis

Boston Martial Arts Center

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