Boston Martial Arts Center

Boston Martial Arts Center

If you’re a martial arts teacher, it is very important to be supportive of your students’ growth.  And also at the same time it is very important to be a good student.  One personal rule I have, “never stop being a student.”  How many times can I see and train in ideas like koshi kihon sanpo (a training method from our system I learned about 24 years ago) The answer: “not enough.”  With your growth, your understanding will grow with you.  Keep learning.

Mark Davis

Boston Martial Arts Center
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In self-defense we seek not to hurt. We only seek balance. You see in self-defense, it not about wining or losing it is about the ending of violence and bringing a balance and order to things. Without balance and order the universe cannot flow. This paradigm shift is very important to do when you want to grow as a person also.  It is not about being soft, or ego.  It is about balance.