Fundamental and Advance of Ninpo Taijutsu Bootcamp at Boston Martial Arts Center 12/6,7,8/2013

Fundamental and Advance of Ninpo Taijutsu Bootcamp at Boston Martial Arts Center 12/6,7,8/2013

At Boston Martial Arts Center , a full range of movement is key to a strong self-defense skill with in the fundamental of Ninpo Taijutsu (Body skill training for self defense). This fundamental skill trains the body and mind to be more open free to flowing in a quickly changing environment of personal protection.
This is part of the kihon (basics).
Come study the full range of fundamentals with in this Ninpo Taijutsu Intensive training. December 6th-8th, 2013 “Sign Up Today…we have a limited number of spots available”!
Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 9 pm
Sunday 9 am to 4 pmCost:

$350.00 for All 3 Days of Training

$300.00 for 2 Days of Training
$175.00 for 1 Day of Training

Note: there will be Online Training slots open too, Please contact Boston Martial Center directly for more information fill in the contact form bellow !   Thank You    –Mark Davis 

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In self-defense we seek not to hurt. We only seek balance. You see in self-defense, it not about wining or losing it is about the ending of violence and bringing a balance and order to things. Without balance and order the universe cannot flow. This paradigm shift is very important to do when you want to grow as a person also.  It is not about being soft, or ego.  It is about balance.