Boston Martial Arts Center Nage

Boston Martial Arts Center Nage

Thank you for attending the 2013 Boston Martial Arts Center/New England Ninpo Society Boot camp. The information was very challenging but the Boot camp students demonstrated a keen eye for perfection, discipline and worked towards their achievement. Again, thank you for participating in this years’ event. See you next year! You can also join us in one of our weekly classes, personal lessons, seminars or workshops throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information on our next event (1-12-2013 3:00 pm till 6:oo pm) of an Afternoon Workshop on Ninpo Taijutsu Nage Waza (throwing methods) and application for self-defense.

Mark Davis

Boston Martial Arts Center

PS: One of the great questions was about natural movement and our human nature working together for protection. We talked and worked on using Ninpo Taijutsu to free our body and mind from being lock in a knee jerk reflex that could lead to a inappropriate response to a volatile situation opening the gateway to violence.
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In self-defense we seek not to hurt. We only seek balance. You see in self-defense, it not about wining or losing it is about the ending of violence and bringing a balance and order to things. Without balance and order the universe cannot flow. This paradigm shift is very important to do when you want to grow as a person also.  It is not about being soft, or ego.  It is about balance.