Boston Martial Arts Center

Boston Martial Arts Center

In martial arts there are specific ways to train in such a way that one can prepare for trouble. One of these important points is to understand that whether or not one is trained in martial arts, everybody is vulnerable to circumstances and unexpected events. When a martial artist prepares it is necessary to train the proper muscles for conflict and also train the mind in a proper fashion for conflict. The mind and body have to be able to act as one. This is called ki, generally known as the timing between the mind and the body. For example if the timing is off on a car engine it will not be able to function properly. The same is true of the body and mind, if they are not synchronized then a failure may result. When one’s heartbeat suddenly increases narrowing the vision we interpret this as fear, in reality it is the body preparing itself for combat and allowing for a more focused vision. If properly trained this burst of sudden adrenaline could create masses of release for energy such that a 104-pound person could take down a 300-pound person.

Mark Davis

Boston Martial Arts Center
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In self-defense we seek not to hurt. We only seek balance. You see in self-defense, it not about wining or losing it is about the ending of violence and bringing a balance and order to things. Without balance and order the universe cannot flow. This paradigm shift is very important to do when you want to grow as a person also.  It is not about being soft, or ego.  It is about balance.