Self defense starts with the awareness of one’s environment and the human body. The interaction of the two is a critical point to understand. When danger is present in the environment, the body reacts physically and emotionally. Adrenaline is released into the body, which prepares muscles for the fight or flight adrenal response.

This heightened state of alert is meant to prepare the body for emergencies, however people may have different reactions. For some people, this may feel like fear.

Another body/environment response can be confusion. When the body first perceives danger, it prepares to protect itself. If during this preparation, the mind and body are not operating together, confusion may arise. At this point the mind may not be prepared to deal with such an unfamiliar situation or unfamiliar physical reaction.

From either confusion or fear, people may loose control of their muscles and may not be able to either run away or fight back. They may feel a sudden rush of blood and elevation of pulse rate which may hinder their breathing. In addition their vision may narrow due to the adrenal response.

A predator will exhibit certain characteristics in relation to the adrenal response. Predators tend to have more experience with the adrenal response than the average citizen. Sometimes they call it a “rush.”

Predators also know that if a situation presents danger to them to take flight. They will always look for easy targets, to lessen their chances of getting hurt in a confrontation. Predators know that their general surrounding environment is one that has to be watched carefully.

Since a predator is aware of the potential of things changing in his disfavor, his rush or adrenal response might be one of violence. For example, he will show a weapon, yell or be very loud, pounce and hit or exhibit a variety of aggressive gestures.

Preparation for Conflict Using Self-Defense

In martial arts there are specific ways to train so that one can prepare for trouble. An important point in doing so is to understand that training does not erase one’s potential to be vulnerable to an attack. Anyone can be caught by unexpected circumstance.

It is necessary to train the proper muscles for conflict and also train the mind in a proper fashion for conflict. The mind and body have to be able to act as one. This is called ki, generally known as the timing between the mind and the body. For example if the timing is off on a car engine, it will not be able to function properly. The same is true of the body and mind: if they are not synchronized, then a failure may result.

When our heartbeat rate suddenly increases and narrows our vision, we interpret this as fear. In reality it is the body preparing itself for combat and allowing for a more focused vision. If properly trained, this burst of sudden adrenaline could create masses of energy for release for self defense.

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