Boston Martial Arts Center

Boston Martial Arts Center

The key to gaining skill in martial arts is to not let your mind wander, like my dad said “Keep your eye on the ball.”  Keep a sharp focus on why you are training. The reason why I’m training is to learn more about the uses of the martial arts, the history of them, and how we can use them in our modern age for self-protection. What is your focus?

Mark Davis

Boston Martial Arts Center



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Martial arts teaches us how to keep going. Sometimes the universe will say you do not have the ability to do this. But through non-stop training and hard work in the martial arts you can train your sprit to make some small breakthroughs. All the small breakthroughs will equal large success.  Learn this non-stop approach through hard training. When feeling down about life, train harder and keep going you will find those small breakthroughs.

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