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In martial arts, the mind body and spirit need to work together as one. Togakure-ryu Ninpo Taijutsu kokyu-ho (breathing techniques for the martial arts we teach) helps on brings these parts of into alignment. These techniques can change because conditions and stress level. When the adrenaline rushes into the body and the heart rate, body functions changes, you need to be able to use the natural breathing that fits with what is happening. Having this ability to do this will help you control and direct, your body energy. By doing this you can have more skill with self defense.

Mark Davis

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I was working on kenjutsu last week and was moving with my training partner changing kamae (position based on what my spirit is sensing in relation to a changing environment). This requires the mind and body to stay sharp, because if your mind floats for one moment you could be in over your head. A good starting place on how not to get in over your head is “Stay in the moment, not before or after.”