Boston Martial Arts Center November 20, 2012

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Some of the most inspiring things about martial arts is the quality of people that train. The years of running a dojo I see people come and go each person that steps in the door has their own unique way of looking at the world. What we encourage at our dojo is independent thinking. When studying and teaching martial arts it is very important to see the world from many angles and many views. Join us Today, Fill out the from below!

Mark Davis

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I was working on kenjutsu last week and was moving with my training partner changing kamae (position based on what my spirit is sensing in relation to a changing environment). This requires the mind and body to stay sharp, because if your mind floats for one moment you could be in over your head. A good starting place on how not to get in over your head is “Stay in the moment, not before or after.”

The longer we train in martial arts, the deeper we come to understand ourselves. This deep understanding comes from first training with the physical techniques and then studying the effect the training has on us. If you train with a sincere heart, you can gain great value from martial arts.