One of the many ideas I learned in martial arts was to just keep going

by | Aug 5, 2014

Boston Martial Arts Center Keep "Keep Going"

Boston Martial Arts Center “Keep Going”

One of the many ideas I learned in martial arts was to just keep going. This is something that My teachers Stephen and Rumiko Hayes, teacher Dr.Hatsumi is always saying. There are going to be times that it may not feel like you’re growing but that’s when you’re a doing the most growing. So hang in there. So Pick Your Self Up And “Keep Going”.

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When studying martial arts, it is very important to study distance. When we are doing are drills and randori (free movement), focus on how distance can change based on intent and whether the fight is armed or unarmed. Also know how this judgment works in life

One of the great things about martial arts training is how we can explore who we are as people on the inside. When training, the ability to make a decision under pressure requires strong focus in the moment. Live in the moment. Plan for the future. Learn from the past.

One of the great things about Ninpo Taijutsu (Body skill training for Self Defense) is the freedom of movement and natural energy flow that are with in basics of training. Using the skills from breathing and natural expansion of the body found Ninpo Taijutsu, this will direct the body’s natural energy flow into an extraordinarily strong health promotion and self-defense method.

Self defense is the process by which we avoid danger. This is done by
using a combination of our intellect and our physical bodies.



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