On jutaijutsu

by | Sep 8, 2014

Boston Martial Arts Center Self Defense


I was teaching a seminar at a friend’s dojo on jutaijutsu (grappling for self defense). One of the students asked me what jutaijutsu meant on a deeper level. My understanding at this point in my life is the ability to adapt and change based on changing conditions. Then I went on to demonstrate some example uses of the hanbo (3 foot stick for self defense) and kenjutsu (the arts of swordsmanship) and some other example’s using taijutsu (using one’s body skill for self-defense). When protecting oneself, we need to learn to change in the moment, physically, mentally, spiritually to survive and escape. Life can be full of perceived and real blocks, but they could be lessons or opportunities for moving us forward in life. If we are fixed in one way of thinking we can be trapped, but through correct training we can free ourselves to find success.