Personal protection, self defense

The main reason I started to study Martial Arts was for personal protection, self defense. This led me to helping others through courses I teach and classes and seminars I offer on the subject matter of self-defense and personal protection. But I also train and teach traditional martial arts. Some ask why do I study traditional martial arts. The study the tactics and strategies that were used in feudal times are very important. The problem-solving skills of these warriors were incredible. The Warriors of the past had certain experiences that allowed them to uncover important keys to staying safe and alive and in a dangerous and changing environment. By studying the so-called classics this enables me to see the entire picture of self-defense and Martial Arts and this allows me to train my students and people who come to my seminars and take my courses In a very complete way and not just one or the other. I start to students with the complete set of basics, Whether they’re advanced or beginners they still learn the basics because this is where the foundation of my teaching method. And then we move on to different levels of skill and methods. I am always referencing the traditional ideas and methods as I lead the student through developing their own skills and finding a deeper sense and awareness of themselves thru mind body and spirit.

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Mark Davis

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Boston Martial Arts Center

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People ask me what are the goals of the training at our dojo, Boston Martial Arts Center. The goals of our dojo are varied. One is to find inner peace through the hardship of mindful martial arts training. We carefully guide the student to the path of self-discovery.
This path can be full of difficulties that can be overcome through our Ninpo Taijutsu (the self-defense method that we train in at Boston Martial Arts Center.) We train with our focus on understanding the basics within our own movement, awareness of our reactions and interactions with a sympathetic training partner, and with an eye to our personal achievement. This type of training can increase personal effectiveness, happiness, and self-confidence.
Martial arts training has showed me a path of living a full life that comes from the trials of hard work and mindful, direct experience.