Beginning Martial Arts

Beginning Martial Arts

Boston Martial Arts Center
Beginning Martial Arts

This is a Six Month Beginner Martial Arts Program which will serve as an introduction to Self-Defense  as well as lessons in Mindfulness. It is geared towards the understanding of martial arts and its movements. Students will learn natural Self-Defense, The Fundamental building blocks of Self-Defense. This is an excellent program for someone who has never tried martial arts before or would like a fresh start again.

Not in shape? Not a problem! Our Beginning Martial Arts classes are geared for people from all walks of life, for any level of fitness.

Need more information to decide if martial arts is right for you? Read our introduction to martial arts article.

Free Introductory Self-Defense Class Today!

Want to try out martial arts? We offer a free introductory class. We’ll go over a few basic self-defense movement skills, and get in a great workout! Everyone is welcome. If you would like to try out our Introductory Class, please fill out the registration form below so we can make sure a spot is set aside just for you.


If you’re ready to get started, please call us at 617-789-5524 or use the form above.

Shoshinsha – the beginner’s mind

The beginner’s mind represents a stage of innocence with respect to learning. It does not mean that a person is not skilled in martial arts but rather that a person accepts teachings and observes from the environment without preconceptions. When very young children explore the world they do not have ideas of what is wrong, right, stronger, weaker. They are simply learning without overriding reality. When we stray from this our thoughts can lead to significant misconceptions about reality as well as delusions about ourselves and our knowledge. In a true martial confrontation clarity of thought would have made the simple difference between life and death.