Ninpo Taijutsu (The Enduring-Spirit Martial Arts Self-Defense Method)

Ninpo Taijutsu

Ninpo Taijutsu

This is the core curriculum of the Boston Martial Arts Center. It is the teaching of Togakure Ryu (Togakure family system) Ninjutsu as the lineage has evolved in Japan over the past nine hundred years. The teaching will consist of an in-depth understanding of the martial arts system with an emphasis on its applications towards self-defense, mindfulness, and using the art for a variety of problem-solving skills. This program will offer students the ability to advance in rank up to the level of black belt. It does not have a time requirement and often people continue to study taijutsu for the rest of their lives.

Open Self Defense Class Ninpo Taijutsu

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Ninpo Taijutsu

When studying Ninpo Taijutsu to protect yourself, you first have to understand and learn how to use your body and mind effectively. Looking at the fundamentals arts of self-defense, there are tools that will ready your body to stay safe in a conflict. In each class we introduce basic structure and forms of self-defense that will help you build your personal skill for a strong, natural self defense method.

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